GRP Abutment Soaker (Secret Gutter)

Giving weatherproof protection between sloping roofs and a vertical abutment



Product Information

The Abutment Soaker, also known as a 'secret gutter', gives a weatherproof protection seal between a sloping roof and a vertical abutment.

The two bars on the section prevent moisture from entering the roof space. 

The Abutment Soaker is manufactured from a glass fibre/polyester laminate with a UV-resistant polyester film on the upper face. A sanded strip is bonded along the upper face to provide a key for bedding the roof tiles into mortar.


The packs should be stored flat or upright, on a smooth, clean, dry surface and protected from sunlight.

Dimensions:-   3000mm long x 14mm wide

Pack Size:-       10 per pack

Pack Weight:- 17kg per pack

Material:-        Glass fibre/polyester. UV-resistant


 The Abutment Soaker is a lightweight and flexible product, becoming more popular as a quick and easy protection from water ingress at abutments.


The roof underlay is laid as normal practice, with the underlay finished and turned approximately 100mm up the abutting walls. Battens should be cut 50mm short of the abutment wall and nailed to the rafter, using clout head nails. Noggins may be needed to be fixed flush to the top of the rafters to anchor the battens. The soaker is nailed at 500mm centres to the roof battens.

At the ridge, the abutment flashing should be mitred and dressed with a Code 4 lead. It is advisable to use double slates/tiles to eliminate the possibilty of small sections requiring fixing.

Where tiles are used, these should be bedded onto the mortar, which is applied on the sanded strip running along the length of the product. It may be necessary to break off the nibs of concrete tiles to eliminate a kick-up.

Code 4 lead stepped flashing is used to dress over the abutment flashing upstand. It may be necessary to trim the fascia board to allow any water to be discharged into the rainwater gutter. Alternatively, a tilting fillet may be used.


A BBA certificate can be viewed by clicking here