Product Information

The Eaves Comb Filler, commonly known as a Bird Comb is designed for use with concrete or clay profiled tiles. The comb filler is a flexible grill which creates a barrier against birds and large insects, preventing them from entering the void between the underside of the profiled tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs.

The flexible 1mt strips are quick, simple effective and easy to fit. Manufactured from a high quality co-polymer polypropylene, they are durable and totally resistant to decay. 


Dimensions:        1000mm long x 55mm deep.

Pack Size:            300 per box

Pack Weight:      16kg per box

Material:               High quality co-polymer polypropylene

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Fir on top of the fascia board vent, before the tiles are laid and secure with clout nails. The comb must angle outwards away from the roof. Bed the bottom roe of tiles on to the comb filler.