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You’ve probably already noticed that we’ve had a bit of a spruce up at European Plastics. To ensure that we’re up to date in the world of plastics for the building industry, we needed somewhere to showcase our products in all their glory. So we’re very proud to introduce our brand new website. We’ve even given our logo a bit of a polish!

The logo

Since we were improving the look and feel of our website, we thought it was only fair to do the same to our branding. The new and improved European Plastics logo keeps some aspects of our previous logo, but updates it. We keep the circle and colours but lose the “limited”. After all, there’s nothing limited about our range of products!


Out with the old




And in with the new


We also updated the font with a more modern version and simplified the lines coming from our circular logo. It not only looks sleek and modern but it’s a lot more suited for use in digital media. Speaking of which…

The website

In an increasingly digital world, we needed a website that not only showcased the range of products that we could offer but was also easy to navigate.

We worked with upriseVSI to create a site that highlighted everything from continuous dry verge systems to trays and ventilation, making it easy for people to find exactly what they wanted. To simplify this, icons were created in the same style as our new logo, for each of our product ranges;


Easy to view, easy to find

An important aspect of modern website design is ensuring that your site is responsive.

If you don’t know what this means, shrink this page down. The layout of the page will respond and adjust itself according to the size of the window that you’re viewing it in.

Every page of our site not only responds to the size of the window that it’s in but also changes depending on the device that you’re viewing it on. This responsive website design means that if you are on site and in need of some soffit vents, you could easily access the website from a tablet or mobile.

It’s also vital that we are easy to find when you look for us on a search engine like Google. Being responsive will automatically improve rankings when searching for a website on a mobile device. This, along with faster page loading, will make it more likely that you’ll find our website when you search online.


We’re excited about our brand new look. But just because we look different, you’ll be glad to hear that it hasn’t changed our top-quality service and product range. So if you need plastics for the building industry, give us a call today.



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