How GRP is your valley? 6 alternatives to traditional lead roof gutters

At European Plastics, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about plastics for the building industry. So we thought we’d give you a breakdown of our range of GRP valley trough systems.

Why GRP?

Whether a roof is covered with slate, concrete, clay, profiled GRP or metal, GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is a cost-effective alternative to more traditional lead roof gutters. And because they weigh a lot less, they are much easier to transport and cut on site.

Our GRP valley trough systems are available in two ranges; traditional fixing and dry fix, which break down into six different products…


Traditional fixing

GRP Bonding Gutter (Secret Valley)

  This gives a weatherproof seal between adjacent roofs and can join two roofs with slates or tiles of different materials.

The end tiles or slates on both roofs are removed to expose the construction over the party wall and the gutter laid and fixed inside. Hence, why it’s called a ‘secret valley’.


GRP Slate Valley

  When used with natural and man-made slate coverings, this is a modern alternative to using a traditional lead valley.


GRP Tile Valley

 This is a modern alternative to a traditional lead valley when used with concrete or clay roof tiles.


 GRP Abutment Soaker (Secret Gutter)

 A weatherproof protection seal between a sloping roof and a vertical abutment, the two bars of an abutment soaker prevent moisture from entering a roof space.


Dry Fix

GRP Valley Trough

 This is a mortar-less system, providing a maintenance-free way of discharging water from a roof. It can be fixed with slates, interlocking and profiled tiles. Creating a close-cut appearance, in comparison to traditional methods, it can cut fixing times by up to 50%.


GRP Bonding Gutter

 This mortar-less system creates a weather-tight joint between dissimilar roof coverings on adjacent roofs. It can join any combination of slates, flat or profiled tiles. This can also cut fixing times by up to 50%.


Depending on the job at hand, we’ll have the GRP valley trough system that meets your needs. Whether you know which system is right for you or not, get in touch today and we’ll help you find the perfect solution.




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