Eaves Protection Boards

The Eaves Protection Board (EPS), or Felt Support Tray, has been designed to provide a long-term solution to the problems associated with eaves decay under the roof, including the degradation of felt and the secondary rotting of rafer timbers and roof structures.

Also known as the Felt Support Tray, this product is now widely used by roofing contractors along with replacement UPVC fascia installers at eaves level (as detailed in the image on the right).

FOC samples are available on both products



OVEP - Vented Eaves Protection

The Vented Eaves Protector is a faster and easier alternative of ventilating and protecting at eaves level. The '2 in 1' System consists of a practical 1000mm over fascia vent, with an intergrated Support Tray. The '3 in 1' System has an added Comb Filler fixed to the top of the Support Tray.