Eaves Protection & Eaves Ventilation

Letting air through. Keeping moisture out



Eaves Protection

This is designed to provide a long term solution to the problem associated with water ingress and eaves decay under the roof, including the degradation of felt and the secondary rotting of rafter timbers and roof structures.

Also known as a 'Felt Support Tray', this product is now widely used by roofing contractors, along with replacement UPVC fascia installers at eaves level (as detailed in the image on the right).

The Felt Support Tray is suitable on new and existing properties, for use with all slates and tiles.

A further development of eaves protection, comes in a 'one-fix' system, also known as a '3 in 1' and '2 in 1' OVEP eaves vent system


Eaves Ventilation

This is necessary to avoid the problem of condensation at the eaves level of all new and existing homes, as they are becoming more airtight and better insulated.  Condensation needs to be reduced in in order that it will not cause damage to the structure of properties.

The majority of properties are built with a pitched roof, and there are a number of ways to achieve good ventilation:-

Protection and Ventilation are important and simple ways to avoid the potential problems of water ingress and condensation at the eaves level of any property.