Fast Fix - Profiles & Colours

Product Information

Our range of Fast-Fix Dry Verge Systems provides a real cost saver to the issues of mortar fixed verges, and provides a maintenance free finish, which can be counter batten or barge board fitted. Fixing Instructions

The interlocking stepped verge is 455mm long and fully adjustable to suit most tile gauges. It preserves the stepped appearance of the roof tiles, while maintaining the continuous line on the underside of the verge.

Fast Fix Units offer outstanding versatility, suitable for batten gauges from 265mm - 345mm.

They are simple to fit, as the units are easily connected. The fixing plates have multiple holes, so it easy to make small adjustments, enabling to precisely align the dry verge with the roof tiles for a perfect and secure fit. 

Manufactured from UV stable Polypropylene, and will not be subject to expansion and contraction problems.

A range of Ridge Caps, Starter Units and Eaves Closures ensure a complete dry verge system is available 


Fast Fix Verge (Grey)

Fast Fix Verge (Brown)

Fitting Detail


455mm long


50 per box




Grey, Brown

Terracotta, White


265mm - 345mm


Fast Fixing

Vernier Hole Alignment

Secure Fixing

Improved Design