Felt Support Tray

Long Term Eaves Protection


Product Information

The Eaves Guard, commonly referred to as the 'Felt Support Tray', is designed to provide a long term solution associated with eaves decay under the roof.

As roofing felt perishes over a period of time, it is at its most vulnerable at the eaves level, where it can sag and allow water to collect (ponding), causing the felt to tot, rupture and allow water to access the roofing void, which may cause damage to the rafter timbers and roof structures.

The felt support tray is the most cost-effective, robust and simple way to provide a complete felt support system that will not deteriorate, giving additional protection to the fascia detail of all roof types, suitable for use  with a all slates and roof tiles.

Dimensions:       1500mm long x 200mm rafter length x 50mm gutter overhang

Pack Size:           10 per pack, 500 or 1000 per pallet

Pack Weight:      10kg per pack of 10

Material:              PVC

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The Felt Support Tray is designed for use in both new build and refurbishment, which provides an effective level of eaves protection and fitted with the minimum of disruption. They are durable and resistant to decay, which improves the performance of other roofing materials.



 Position the eaves tray on top of the fascia board and nail in place. Adjacent trays are designed to lap over each other, with a minimum overlap of 100mm, easily forming a continuous run.

The trays should sit on top of the over fascia vent, if fitted. A bird comb filler may also be fitted at the same time.

The felt underlay should be pulled tight to ensure there are no troughs that can retain any water. Ensure the felt finishes before the fascia, so as it not exposed to the elements, so as not subject to decay.

The Felt Support Trays are an effective, quick and easy to fit, and the most cost-effective way of creating an Eaves Protection System.