Fittings & Accessories

The Continuous Dry Verge System has been specially designed to overcome the problem of water penetration at gable ends. It provides complete & continuous watertight cover for the joint between roof tiles and brickwork or bargeboard, giving greater security to the verge.




We have a full range of Straight Connector Joints suit the 4 profiles of Continuous Verge, to suit all colours:-

Type 'S' - Slate

Type 'R' - Concrete Tile

Type 'D' - Concrete Tile, Deep Profile

Type 'M'- Concrete Tile, Thin Leading edge 


We have an Angle Connector Joints in Type 'R' and Type 'D', when there is change of angle close to the eaves level.The angle connector has a 14 degree change of angle. 


Ridge End Caps are available across the range,