Dry Hip - Step by Step Installation


Step 1

Lay the underlay as normal, ensuring that the underlay overlaps the other side ny 150mm.

Install the tiling battens to the hip rafter, or to the noggins nailed to the hip rafter


Step 2

Build up the hip batten on the hip rafter, to a height such that the hip tray overlaps the tiles on both sides and secure with nails.

Step 3

Lay tiles as normal, ensure neatly cut tiles along the hip battens are no more than 30mm from the battens and secured using the Long and Short Hip Clips provided.

Nail the long tail hip clip to the batten, and then slide the cut tile into the clip below. Clip the short 'C' clip to the end of the cut tile, attaching it to the adjoining tile at the interlock.

Step 4

Roll out the ridge roll centrally along the entire length of the ridge batten, using the white spine of the roll as a guide.

Secure the roll by nailing through the white spine using the galvanised nails provided. All joints along the ridge roll must have a minimum overlap on 75mm. Leave a 75mm strip at each end of the hip.


Step 5

Remove the release paper from the butyl adhesive strip on the underside of each edge of the roll, and firmly press onto the dry, clean tile on both sides, avoid crushing the corrugations. Ensure the rolls overlap at the hip abutment, and at the eaves carefully tuck back and stick behind the tiles.

Step 6

Lay the Hip Support Trays centrally over the hip roll, overlapping the the next tray by a minimum of 75mm and secure with galvanised clout nails


Step 7

Loosely insert the long ratchet clip and two short ratchet clips repectively into the middle and side slots on the ridge union. lay the block end hip tile on the ridge roll, starting at the eaves. Mechanically fix with a screw and washer, and slide the union into the open end of the ridge tile. Slide the next hip ridge into the open end of the union and press all three clips firmly into place. Secure the union with the screws provided, through the long ratchet clips. Any protruding end of the union can be snapped off or folded behind the union.

Step 8

Cut the hip ridges to form a neat mitre junction at the ridge hip junction.

Drill a hole near the mitre and mechanically fix each ridge with a screw to the batten.

Seal all openings in the cut ridges with a roofing grade mastic sealant