Hip Support Trays & Hip Clips

For use with Dry Hip Systems

Product Information

The Universal Hip Support Tray is a Dry Fix product,  designed to support hip tiles along the hip line of the roof, without the need for mixing and carrying mortar to bed down the cut hip tiles. A step by step fixing guide is available (see Image 6) 

This will provide a neat and level hip line when fixing the dry hip ridge tiles into position. being a dry fix product, will therefor give a secure and discreet solution once installed, and will not detract from the aesthetics of the roof. 

Dimensions:-             1200mm long

Pack Size:-                 10 per pack, 500 per pallet

Pack Weight:-           6kg per pack of 10   

Material:-                   PVC

Related Products:-   Hip Clips; Dry Ridge System. 


The roof is tiles or slated on both sides of the hip as normal. Smaller cuts of tiles are secured by using our recommended Hip Clips.

Starting at the eaves, roll out the dry ridge roll centrally along the entire hip, neatly trimming the roll at the eaves, and tacking the roll at 500mm intervals using galvanised staples or felt nails.

The protective tape is removed from underside of the corrugated edges of the roll, and the butyl adhesive is pressed onto the tiles, which moulds to the profile of the tile, ensuring the vent roll is securely sealed along the entire hip on both sides.

The Hip Support Tray is trimmed at the eaves to suit the overhang of the bottom course of tiles or slates. They are secured in place using suitable nails. Continue up the hip with the remaining trays, overlapping the previous tray by 100mm each time.

Once all the hip trays are in position, the hip ridges can be secured in place, following the smooth line of the hip trays. The Hip Support Tray can be used with our Universal Dry Ridge system, as well as most other similar hip kits on the market.


HIP CLIPS - Product Information

Designed to secure cut tiles on the hip, when they have no means of a mechanical fixing. The Long Tail clip is used to hold the cut tile in place, and the Short 'C' clip hold the top part of the tile, when attached to the adjacent tile at the interlock.

Please refer to Image 6 the Dry Hip - Installation for further  information


Long Tail Clip


Short 'C' Clip



   Hip Clip Fixing (Image 3)

   The Long tail Clip secures the Tile from      underneath.

   The Short 'C' Clip secures the top part of the tile to the adjacent tile.