OVEP - Eaves Vent System


An 'all in one' Eaves Protection & Ventilations System


Product Information

The European Plastics Eaves Protection System (OVEP), commonly referred to as the '3 in 1', or '2 in 1' system, which has a fixed eaves Tray with a 10mm fascia Vent as an all in one kit.

The '3 in 1' system has a fixed bird comb for use with profiled tiles, while the '2 in 1' is more commonly used with Flat Tiles or Slates.

This a further development in the protection and ventilation which can be used on existing and new build properties, and satisfies all NHBC requirements, and complies with BS 5250:2011, and comes with a 15 year guarantee. 

Dimensions:-        1000mm long x 200mm cover width

Pack Size:-            3 in 1 - 20 per box                  2 in 1 - 40 per box

Pack Weight:-      3 in 1 - 12kg per box               2 in 1 - 16kg per box

Material:-              UV stable polypropylene

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New Build:    The one piece tray system, OVEP, is located on top of the fascia board, ensuring the stop beads, below the vent, are rested against the front face of the fascia board.

The OVEP is fixed in place through the engineered nail/screw ports, with sleeves to guide fixings into the centre of the fascia board.

Locate the next tray onto the interlocking section of the previous board and fix in place. This process is continued along the whole length of the eaves. The trays can be easily cut when coming to the end of the run. 

Existing Roof:    Start by removing or lifting the existing eaves course of tiles or slates, and make good and damage to the rafters and underlay. The OVEP is fitted in place by sliding up the rafter, and fixed in place as above. The overhang can be lifted so as not to take off the existing gutter when fitting. The underlay is re-laid over the OVEP, and the Tiles or Slates are replaced.