Dry Ridge - Step by Step Installation


Step 1

Install the underlay and battens as normal, leaving the underlay 5-30mm short of the ridge on both sides.

Do not fix the top tiling batten at this stage


Step 2

Place the ridge batten brackets across the apex of the roof, and nail to the rafters on both sides of the roof, using the nails provided, which can be fixed at 400mm, 450mm and 600mm centres.Install the top tiling batten as normal, leaving a 10mm gap before the ridge batten

Step 3

Place the first ridge batten in the batten bracket, and nail through the the holes provided in the flange. Build up the ridge batten to the required height by adding one or two more battens, nailing each to the previous batten to ensure it is adequately secured in place

Step 4

Lay and fix the roof tiles in place as normal


Step 5

Roll out the ridge roll centrally across the entire length of the dry ridge batten, using the white spine of the roll as aguide over the ridge batten. Secure the roll by nailing or stapling through the white spine. All joints must be overlapped by a minimum of 75mm. Leave a 75mm long strip of the roll at each end of the ridge.

Step 6

Remove the release papaer from the butyl adhesive strip on the underside of each edge of the ridge roll, and firmly press onto the clean dry tile on both sides, avoiding crushing the corrugations.Continue this process along the entire ridge line. Adhere the roll to the vertical surface of the dry verge at the gable end and at the hip abutment, overlap the roll across the hip rolls by 75mm, carefully sealing the butyl adhesive in place.


Step 7

Loosely insert the Long Ratchet Clip and two Short Ratchet Clips respectively into the middle and side slots of the Ridge Union. Lay the ridge tile on the ridge roll, starting at the gable end or hip abutment, and slide the next ridge tile into the open end of the ridge union and press all three clips firmly in place. Secure the union with Screws provided, through the long ratchet clip.

Step 8

Continue this process along the ridge to the end.

Secure the ridge end tile through the pre-drilled holes provided, or drill a hole through, when using a reclaimed tile.