GRP Tile Valley

A cost effective alternative to lead valleys


Product Information

The GRP Tile Valley (360mm) is the modern cost-effective alternative to using a traditional lead valley when used with concrete or clay roof tiles 

At a fraction of the cost and weight of lead, GRP valleys are supplied in convenient 3mt lengths, which are easy to transport and handle on site.

GRP valleys are easy to cut, and sufficiently flexible to allow for a variety of roof pitches

A 400mm wide valley is available for longer runs and a wider valley. A 400mm Flat Fixing valley is available when using sarking boards, and not traditional roof battens

GRP Valley troughs are manufactured from a lead grey, glass reinforced polyester, and applied with a UV inhibiting film to the external surface.




The Packs should be stored flat or upright, on a clean, smooth, dry surface; under cover and protected from sunlight.

Dimensions:     3000mm long x 360mm wide

Pack Size:         10 per pack

Pack Weight:    17kg per pack

Material:            Glass fibre/polyester. UV-resistant



Valley boards should be fitted of sufficient width to provide support for the roofing battens, and must be flush with the top of the rafters; alternatively, use a 6mm plywood laid over the rafters.

The valley is first lined with a strip of roofing underlay along the length of the valley, to be 1mt wide. A length of valley should be pressed into the valley and marked with a chalk line, where a longitudinal batten will be fixed as support for the edge of the valley

Starting at the base of the valley, the troughs should be nailed onto the longitudinal batten with large head clout nails at 500mm centres, through pre-drilled 8mm holes.

Consecutive lengths of valley should have a minimum overlap of 150mm. At the top of adjoining troughs, the units should be mitred and dressed with a code 4 lead saddle. The fascia board may need to be trimmed to ensure full water flow into the rain water gutter. 

A BBA certificate can be viewed by clicking here


Fitting instructions can be viewed by clicking here