• Continuous Dry Verge

    Complete protection & continuous watertight cover to your property against water penetration.
  • Eaves Protection Boards

    A cost-effective way of providing a complete and robust felt support system that will not deteriorate

European Plastics Product Range

Choose from our extensive range of products.

Continuous Dry Verge

Continuous Protection; provides a  complete watertight cover

Eaves Protection Boards

A Premium Felt Support Tray, providing a complete & robust felt support system

GRP Roofing Systems

A complete range of GRP Valley Troughs for all kinds of pitched roofs

Eaves Ventilation

Fascia Vents,Rafter Roll

OVEP  Eaves Vent System


Fast Fix Dry Verge

Interlocking Dry Verge Units, cost effective and highly secure.

News & Updates

How GRP is your valley? 6 alternatives to traditional lead roof gutters

16 May 2016

GRP valley trough systems can be a cost-effective alternative to lead roof gutters. Here are 6 options that could be the perfect solution for your next project.

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Welcome to our speedy, user-friendly, new-look website

15 February 2016

You might have noticed our brand-new look. Find out more about our updated logo and shiny new website!

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