Eaves & Ventilation

Roofing felt perishes over a period of time, and is at its most vulnerable at the lower end, the eaves.

Our Eaves Ventilation product’s will provide a solution to avoid the problem of condensation at the eaves level of all new and existing homes, as they are becoming more airtight and better insulated. Condensation needs to be reduced in in order that it will not cause damage to the structure of properties.

Felt Support Trays

The Eaves Protector has been designed to provide a long term solution to the problems associated with eaves decay under the roof, including the degradation of felt and the secondary rotting of rafter timbers and other roof structures.

Roofing felt perishes over a period of time, and is at its most vulnerable at the lower end, the eaves. This is where the felt can sag and water can collect, this is called ‘ponding’. After some-time the ponding effect causes the felt to rot and rupture, allowing the water to access the roofing system.

The Eaves Guard/Felt Support Tray, which is plastic, prevents this as it is rigid enough to prevent the overlapping felt to sag or pond, and so avoids the natural breakdown process.

The Eaves Guard is the most cost effective way of providing a complete and robust felt support system that will not deteriorate, giving additional protection to the fascia detail, and suitable for use with all slates and tiles.

  • Size
    1500mm Long
  • Material
    Re-constituted pvc
  • Pack Size
    Pack of 10; Pallets of 500 & 1000
  • Pack Weight
    Pack of 10 : 10kg
  • Product Code
    70mm: EP-GDFV70, 110mm: EP-GDFV110
  • Benefits
    Lightweight; quick & easy to install; durable.
Eaves Ventilation

To comply with building regulations (approved document F2) all newly built properties must have continuous ventilation at eaves level to avoid damp and condensation within the roof void.

The 10mm and 25mm continuous Over Fascia Vents have a low profile design for minimum disruption to the eaves detail. Once installed, and almost undetectable, they still allow a continuous 10mm & 25mm air gap, when fitted on top edge of the fascia board. The 10mm vent is suitable for for conventional cold roofs. The 25mm vent is suitable for warm roofs, flat roofs and roof pitches below 15deg

  • Size
    1000mm long, 21mm high, (10mm OFV) 1000mm long, 32mm high, (25mm OFV)
  • Material
    Co-Polymer Polypropylene
  • Pack Size
    10mm – 60 per box, 25mm – 50 per box
  • Product Code
    10mm: EP-OFV10, 25mm: • EP-OFV25
  • Benefits
    Low profile design, lightweight, 4mm integral grill, fixing location holes., Extremely strong, resists the weight of tiles

Eaves Protection

Creates a barrier against birds and large insects.

It prevents them entering the void between the underside of Profiled Tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs. Injection moulded from high-quality, low-density polyethylene.

Its flexibility prevents any alignment problems. Manufactured in 1.0mtr strips, which is effective, quick and easy to fit. Durable and totally resistant to decay.

  • Size
    1000mm long, 55mm deep
  • Material
    Low density polyethylene
  • Pack Size
    300 per box (supplied in split packs of 100)
  • Product Code
  • Benefits
    Convenient 1mtr lengths, quick & easy to fit
Eaves Ventilation

The Disc Soffit Vent is designed to provide ventilation

It does so through new or existing soffit boards, whilst preventing entry of insects with the use of a 4mm grid.

  • Size
    70mm diameter
  • Material
    Polypropylene (UV Stabilised)
  • Pack Size
    100 per box
  • Product Code
  • Colors
    White, Black & Brown
Eaves Ventilation

Many of the present continuous type roll panel ventilators are susceptible to collapse when installed due to their manufacturing method, box-like shape and poor design characteristics.

The European Plastics Roll Panel Ventilator has been designed with better rigidity, to avoid collapsing when installed over the insulation. The robust sinusoidal shape of the ribs provides additional strength and ensures that when fitted over the wall plate, the ventilation to the roof space remains unobstructed.

The new widths also ensure that when fitted with the new higher levels of insulation, the ends of the ventilators are not blocked. The Roll Out Trays will provide a clear ventilation channel above the loft insulation, and provides continuous ventilation when installed along the whole length of the eaves.

  • Width
    300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Length
    6mtr Roll
  • Pack Size
    5 rolls per Box
  • Material
    Black pvc
  • Product Code
  • Benefits
    Universal Rafter Fitting, Lightweight, Durable, Reduces the risk of cold bridging
OVEP 2 in 1 & 3 in 1 Eaves Tray

A further development of eaves protection comes in the form of the innovative ‘one-piece’ eaves protector combined with an integrated over fascia ventilator and bird comb.

The ‘one-fix’ system is provided by an upstand on the underside of the eaves protector, which sits on the top edge of the fascia board, which is supplied with a 10mm continuous vent. Known as a ‘2 in 1’ System, used with Flat Tiles and Slates.

The provision of a fixed bird comb creates an effective barrier against birds and large insects, which is known as a ‘3 in 1’ System, used with all Profiled tiles.

  • Size
    1000mm long x 200mm cover width
  • Material
    UV stable polypropylene, 100% re-processed
  • Pack Size
    2 in 1 Eaves Tray: 40 Per Box, 480 Per Pallet.  3 in 1 Eaves Tray: 20 Per Box, 240 Per Pallet.
  • Regulations
    NHBC requirements: Complies with BS5250: 2002
  • Product Code
    EPOVEP2/1 , EPOVEP3/1
  • Benefits
    Combined Vent and Felt Support Tray, Strong, Durable, 15 year guarantee, Suitable between 15 & 70 deg. pitch
Also available in Single Rolls

European Plastics breathable membrane

Is both airtight and vapour permeable that is suitable for many applications such fully supported or unsupported installations for tiles or slate on pitch roofs, warm and cold roof applications, timber and metal frame construction, as well as Scottish sarking boards.

  • BBA certified
  • Vapour permeable
  • Waterproof membrane
  • UV stable for 3 months
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Conforms to BS 5534.2014 Annex A
Product Code Description Pallet Qty
EP-ROOFTEC9510 Breathable Membrane BBA 95gsm 1 x 50m 35 Rolls
EP-ROOFTEC9515 Breathable Membrane BBA 95gsm 1.5 x 50m 63 Rolls
EP-ROOFTEC12010 Breathable Membrane BBA 120gsm 1 x 50m 35 Rolls
EP-ROOFTEC12015 Breathable Membrane BBA 120gsm 1.5 x 50m 42 Rolls
EP-ROOFTEC14010 Breathable Membrane BBA 140gsm 1 x 50m 20 Rolls
EP-ROOFTEC14015 Breathable Membrane BBA 140gsm 1.5 x 50m 30 Rolls