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Abutment Soaker

The Abutment Soaker, also known as a 'secret gutter', gives a weatherproof protection seal between a sloping roof and a vertical abutment.

The two bars on the section prevent moisture from entering the roof space. 

The Abutment Soaker is manufactured from a glass fibre/polyester laminate with a UV-resistant polyester film on the upper face. A sanded strip is bonded along the upper face to provide a key for bedding the roof tiles into mortar.

The Abutment Soaker is a lightweight and flexible product, becoming more popular as a quick and easy protection from water ingress at abutments. packs should be stored flat or upright, on a smooth, clean, dry surface and protected from sunlight. GRP Valley Systems

Dimensions     3000mm long x 140mm wide

Pack Size         10 per pack

Pack Weight   17kg per pack

Material          Glass fibre/polyester. UV-resistant

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