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EP-GJS - Bonding Gutter WM_edited_edited
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Standard Bonding Gutter

GRP Bonding Gutter, also know as a 'secret valley', gives a weatherproof seal between adjacent roofs. It will join any combination of double lap or interlocking Slates, along with clay and concrete Tiles, with minimum disturbance to the adjacent roof.

Bonding Gutter is a lightweight and flexible product, used on a daily basis by roofing & building contractors, and would be recommended as a stock item.The packs should be stored flat, on a smooth, clean, dry surface; under cover and protected from sunlight.

GRP - Bonding Gutter (Secret

Dimensions       3000mm long x 216mm wide

Pack Size            10 per pack

Pack Weight       16kg per pack

Material              Glass fibre/polyester. UV                                            resistant

Product Code     EP-GJS1

Availiability          1-2 Day's

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