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Continuous Dry Verge

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Type D

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CDV - Type 'M' Int. Measurement.jpg

European Plastics Continuous Dry Verge will give complete protection and continuous watertight cover to your property, against water penetration between tiles and brickwork or bargeboard at gable ends, giving a greater security to the verge.

The Continuous Dry Vegre is a fast and effective Dry Fix system, which can be fitted in all weather situations. They are easily fitted, as it does not require undercloak, special tools, clips or adhesives. This greatly reduces time and labour costs.

Continuous Dry Verge are available in four profiles, which can be fitted to a large range of roof tiles & slates, compatible with all leading roof manufactures. Available in 5mt and 6mt lengths, in a choice of colours, and a full range of accessories. 

The materials used are of high quality, external grade rigid PVC, which is extremely resistant to light degradation and atmospheric pollution.

R Type Continuous Dry Verge
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