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OVEP Eaves Systems

The European Plastics Eaves Protection System (OVEP), commonly referred to as the '3 in 1', or '2 in 1' system, which has a fixed eaves Tray with a 10mm fascia Vent as an all in one kit.

The '3 in 1' system has a fixed bird comb for use with profiled tiles, while the '2 in 1' is more commonly used with Flat Tiles or Slates.

This a further development in the protection and ventilation which can be used on existing and new build properties, and satisfies all NHBC requirements, and complies with BS 5250:2011, and comes with a 15 year guarantee. 

BIRD COMBS 2120.jpg

Dimensions    -1000mm long x 200mm cover width

Pack Size       -  3 in 1 - 20 per box     

                       -  2 in 1 - 40 per box

Pack Weight   - 3 in 1 - 12kg per box 

                          2 in 1 - 16kg per box

Material           - UV stable polypropylene

Availiability      - 1-2 Days

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