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Roll Out Rafter
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Roll Out Rafter

The European Plastics Rafter Roll has been designed to avoid collapsing when installed over the insulation. The robust shape of the ribs provide additional strength, and guarantees, that when fitted over the wall plate, the ventilation to the roof space remains unobstructed.

The larger widths also ensure, that when fitted with the new higher levels of insulation, the ends of the ventilators are not blocked.

The Roll Out trays will provide a clear ventilation channel above the loft insulation, and provides continuous ventilation when installed along the whole length of the eaves.

The use of the rafter Roll reduces the risk of cold bridging, which in turn, will reduce the risk of any condensation.

Roll Out Rafter

Roll Width:       -    300mm,  400mm,  600mm, 800mm  x 6mt

Pack Size:        -    10 rolls per box   (60mt)

Material:           -    Black pvc

Availiability       -    1-2 Days

Product Code   -     EP-RT(Size)

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