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Dry Valley – Eaves Closure, Top Closure

When using the Eaves Closure, the 150mm long GRP pre-cut valley section support should be positioned close to the eaves. The eaves closure piece should be overlaid onto the GRP pre-cut valley section (150mm overlap), ensuring jthe GRP valley edges are positioned over the longitudinal battens. At the highest point, fix with a large headed clout nail into the longitudinal batten.

110mm Eaves Closure.png
110mm Top Closure.png

Dry Valley - 110mm Eaves Closure - EP-GDEC110

Dry Valley - 110mm Top Closure     - GDTC110

Dry Valley - 70mm   Top Closure     - EP-GDEC70

Dry Valley -  70mm  Eaves Closure - GDTC70

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