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Hip Support Tray 

The Universal Hip Support Tray is a Dry Fix product,  designed to support hip tiles along the hip line of the roof, without the need for mixing and carrying mortar to bed down the cut hip tiles. 

This will provide a neat and level hip line when fixing the dry hip ridge tiles into position, being a dry fix product, will therefor give a secure and discreet solution once installed, and will not detract from the aesthetics of the roof. 


Hip Support Tray - In Situ (Angle Ridge)

Dimensions      -    1200mm Long

Pack Size:        -    10 Per Pack

Pack Weight     -    6KG Per Pack of 10

Material             -    PVC

Availability         -   1-2 Days

Product Code    -   EP-HIPTRAY

Hip Clips                 -  EP-HIPCLIP (40 Per Pack) 

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