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Over Fascia Vents

The 10mm and 25mm continuous Over Fascia Vents have a low profile design for minimum disruption to the eaves detail. Once installed, and almost undetectable, they still allow a continuous 10mm & 25mm air gap, when fitted on top edge of the fascia board.

Extremely strong to resist the weight of tiles and slates, and crushing by foot traffic. Lighweight and resistant to corrosion and rotting. An integral grill prevents entry of large insects, birds or rodents into the roof.

The 10mm vent is suitable for for conventional cold roofs. The 25mm vent is suitable for warm roofs, flat roofs and roof pitches below 15deg.

Suitable for building with, or without, a soffit overhang; new or refurbished; and buildings with corbelled eaves situations. The use of over fascia vents allows shallower fascia boards to be used. 

Dimensions   -  1000mm long      

Pack Size      -   10mm   60 per box,     25mm  -  50 per box        

Pack Weight  -   10mm    8kg per box , 25mm  -  8kg per box

Material         -  Re-processed upvc

Availiability     - 1-2 Days

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